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Angled 10 Degree Tier

STAY offers an alternative tier slanted at a 10° angle; perfect for positioning a 2nd keyboard at a more comfortable playing angle.

Curved Arms

Wide-spread straight arms are great for larger synths, but smaller products slip through the gap. STAY’s curved arms provide secure support for even the smallest keyboards or even a laptop.

Pedal Placement

Some stands make you have your pedal in front of the legs – not always comfortable. With STAY, the legs are curved to lift the column off the ground; allowing for the same stability with the ability to place your sustain, expression, or momentary pedals anywhere you choose – even under the column.

Weight Comparison

STAY’s aluminium design offers comparable weight tolerances to competitive stands, but at half the weight. STAY’s design also packs down more compactly, making it easier to carry around to the packed club you’re about to play.


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