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Recording and Editing
Backing Sequences

An in-depth look at how you can quickly use the microARRANGER to transform basic chord progressions into a complete arrangement - with the backing band of your choice.
Tutorial / Review #2
Front Panel Control

Learn about the two modes Program and Performance and how these two modes influence the front panel buttons and control of the instrument.
Tutorial / Review #3
Style & STS Editing

Learn how to edit styles and STS (single touch setting) and how to store the edits in a performance slot.
Tutorial / Review #14
mixer, effects, style changes, tone layer

Step by step how to program an instrument and saving edits to; effects, instruments, mixer settings, styles, octave shifts, replacing instruments in a style, AND; saving all to a bank on the Korg.
Developing backing tracks
video 1

This is the first video in a series to record backing tracks for live performances using the Korg MicroArranger.
Developing backing tracks
video 2

Backing Tracks using the Korg MicroArranger video 2
Developing backing tracks
video 3

Backing Tracks using the Korg MicroArranger video 3
Developing backing tracks
video 4

Methods for removing instruments from your backing track and overwriting / Overdubbing.
Developing backing tracks
video 5

How to use an extended Count in to provide a place for a Guitar Intro to your backing track. Also how to change the key if you are not happy with the original key.



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