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Video Manual Part 1:
Introduction & Navigation

Introducing you to the KORG Pa1000 Arranger Keyboard and how to navigate through its easy-to-use layout.
Video Manual Part 2:

Learn how to select Sounds, and use the Performance buttons.
Video Manual Part 3:

Selecting and playing Styles and using the Single Touch Settings buttons.
Video Manual Part 4:
Song Play

How to use Song Play mode to play Standard MIDI files, Karaoke MIDI files, and MP3 files.
Video Manual Part 5:

Learn how to use the KAOSS feature of the Pa1000
Video Manual Part 6:

Learn how to use the Effects on the Pa1000
Video Manual Part 7:
Vocal Processing

An in depth look at vocal processing on the Pa1000
Video Manual Part 8:

Learn how to navigate the SongBook mode and create and organize new SongBook entries for your favorite Styles, MIDI files, Karaoke MIDI files and MP3 files.
Video Manual Part 9:

In this video of this series, we go over the various methods that make recording your own song a breeze on the Pa1000.
Video Manual Part 10:
Global, Media & Updates

Learn how to use Global mode to change general settings across all modes of the keyboard, Media mode to load and save, and you'll also learn how to update the operating system.



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